Punching Angle

Do you have a job that requires you to punch angle? We have the solution for you. If you need to punch close to the inside leg of the angle, we can provide offset punches and dies. The standard setup is to use a centered punch with an offset dies and move the die block to punch closer to the inside leg. If you have a die block that does not move, we can offset the punch for you. This is a custom application and you can contact us for price and lead time.

We also offer offset punches and dies for oblong shapes. Please refer to page 26 of our main catalog to indicate position A or position B when ordering. Other information that we need when ordering is, make and model of machine, size of angle, how close to the leg you are punching and material thickness.

Offset Punch and Die

Offset Punch and Die

Offset Dies (Pg 26)

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